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Flying Colours Driving School focuses on a fun approach to help you fulfil your potential with inspiring, professional tuition.

We pride ourselves on the fact that all of our instructors are extremely personable, understanding and patient and are trained to ease the worst of nerves and the most anxious of pupils - we want you to look forward to your lessons, not worry about them.

We won't let you down with appointments.

We won't give more lessons than necessary.

We don't insist on 2 hour lessons.



Unlike many other driving schools, Flying Colours does not believe in car-sharing or piggy-backing. Piggy-backing involves the instructor picking up his or her next pupil en-route during your lesson to save time travelling from one pupil to the next between lessons. That pupil would then sit in the back of the car for the remainder of your lesson.

Some instructors may suggest that this is beneficial, as you in turn will also learn from sitting in the back of someone else's lesson. The reality is however that not only may the paying pupil feel uncomfortable with another pupil looking over his or her shoulder, but predominately that they will be receiving more divided attention and not receiving a full hour to themselves.

This is why Flying Colours Driving School prides itself on making sure it provides a full undiluted hour of quality tuition, so that you are satisfied that your hard-earned money has been justifiably spent.



- Our Instructors all of provide a door-to-door service, having the flexibility to pick you up from home or from work or from anywhere within reason and are more than happy to arrange pick-up or drop-off to suit your schedule and convenience.



Nearer the time of your test, we also provide a MOCK TEST service as part of a normal lesson and at NO EXTRA COST. We find that this is a great way of ensuring that you have reached the required standard for the driving test. Not only does it prepare you for how the practical test is conducted, but it also gives you the chance to get used to the sort of pressure you will have to face on the day and by doing so helps to alleviate a certain amount of nerves.



 Of course this can vary dramatically depending on a variety of factors such as quite simply how coordinated you are as a person and how quickly you can take on board and process new information and utilize new techniques. According to the DSA (Driving Standards Agency), those who pass their practical driving test have had on average, about 45 hours of professional tuition combined with 22 hours of private practice. Also those who combine professional and private practice also are usually more successful on test.

These figures however are just a guide and although some people can need this amount of hours, the chances are you will probably not need as many.

We tend to find that generally pupils are usually approaching test standard around the thirty-hour mark. Some may need more, yet some have passed the driving test at a good standard with less than twenty hours tuition and no private practice. It really depends on your individual level of competence.


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